A Witch In Time



This is the 6th entry in the Bewitching Mystery series, with a storyline that begins less than a month following the conclusion of the previous novel, Where There’s A Witch. Like its predecessors, this is definitely not a standalone novel. The previous entries in the series have built considerable backstory that is necessary to the comprehension of all that happens in this tale. 

This storyline did not contain one big mystery to solve as in the previous books. Yes, there was a death in the early pages of the novel, but our protagonist, Maggie O’Neil, was nowhere in the vicinity of the body this time. In fact, the death does not seem suspicious at all so Maggie is not concerned, even though she was involved with the murder of the decedent’s girlfriend several months ago.

As the story progresses, we are caught up primarily in Maggie’s and Marcus’s new relationship and with the birth of Mel’s twins. But as we spend the next two days in the hospital with Maggie, we begin to notice little things, little spider webs of information snaking out into the atmosphere. In fact, there are a lot of little things that keep piling up on top of each other, seemingly unconnected but too close in timing for comfort. However, since most of it seems to concern babies, we scratch our heads and read on.

Essentially we get lulled into thinking that the author has skipped out of the paranormal mystery genre into the area of contemporary romance. We are happy for Maggie and Marcus; we want to kick Tom’s behind; we really want to wring Greg’s neck; and we get worried about Steff and Dan. 

Then it all snaps back when Maggie and Marcus accidentally find themselves at another murder scene. When Maggie joins her empathic abilities with Marcus’s channeling abilities, the various spider webs of information begin to make more sense and it’s game on to identify the murderer – actually both murderers.

This book is a sleeper, seemingly engrossed in new romances, newborn babies, troubled lovers and cheating spouses. But, in reality, all those little plot threads are simply holding the ingredients needed to mix up a good old-fashioned murder.

Cover Photo Courtesy Goodreads


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