Home For A Spell

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This is the 7th entry in the Bewitching Mystery series, with a storyline that begins approximately two weeks following the conclusion of the previous novel, A Witch in Time. Like its predecessors, this is definitely not a standalone novel. The previous entries in the series have built considerable backstory that is necessary to the comprehension of all that happens in this tale.

In this story the murder occurs about one-third of the way through the book. Again Maggie and Marcus discover the body while engaged in an activity that had nothing to do with murder and mayhem. Or so they think.

At this point in the series, Maggie has reached a psychological acceptance of her empathic abilities. Her ability to intuit and deduce is growing daily. Her only questions now are how to control it and how to interpret what she feels. She struggles to interpret what she hears in the unusual confidences told to her, for she knows they are provided to her for a reason. And she especially tries to accept and utilize what she hears when the voice in her head begins to expound.

Her relationship with Marcus grows stronger every day and they become a team. Not only are they a team in that they are living together, they are fast becoming a team with their witchy abilities. They hear each other’s thoughts at times and they feel each other’s intentions. And they support each other’s needs and goals.

In the end, through both their efforts and through a growing acceptance of their skills by Tom Fielding, the identity and motivations of the murderer are discovered. Thus the book ends, and basically, so does the series.

Apparently the author intended at least one more book for the series, an offering entitled In Charm’s Way. For whatever reason, even though cover art and a plot blurb were prepared for the novel almost two years ago, it does not appear to have been actually published.

However, if it is never published, this reader will not go away feeling cheated. The end of this 7th novel is a positive one. There is no cliffhanger even if all the plot threads surrounding the secondary characters are not yet sewed up. And realistically, none of the characters’ stories would ever be completed, for as long as one draws breath, there is always another story to tell.

But, if this is, indeed, the last entry in the series, we can close the book on the last sentence with a smile on our faces. We can let Maggie and Marcus go with best wishes and kind thoughts for they are well and good with their Universe.

Cover Art from Goodreads


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