Silent Echo

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Brutal…Heartbreaking…Atypical JR Rain


The promotional blurb for this book was quite simple – a private investigator with a terminal illness takes on one last case.

Now I read for escapism. I don’t usually buy heartbreaking tearjerkers since that wouldn’t escape from anything I have to deal with daily. And reading a book in which I know the main protagonist is going to die in the last chapter is definitely not in keeping with my personal mantra on escapism.

But something in that simple blurb apparently pricked my subconscious. Not only did I buy the book immediately, I mentally pushed it to the forefront of my to-read list. And what a read it was!

This book is probably the most brutally honest account of a man’s last days alive, struggling to breathe, to even nod his head as the untreatable cancer eats away at his lungs. It is a story of how he got the lung cancer (no, not from smoking) and why he is still alive two months after the expiration date pronounced by his doctors. It is a story of guilt and self-hatred, not only over his present circumstances but also over an unsolved murder that occurred 22 years in the past.

Above all, it is a story of true friendship, a friendship that transcends the fear of an infectious disease. And it is the story of an unconditional love that gives our protagonist one last chance to redeem himself – to solve that murder that so shaped his life and his self-destruction.

To me, this book is very atypical for JR Rain. Yes, it is a murder mystery with supernatural and paranormal aspects, but the scope truly transcends all that genre hype. I don’t know what circumstances or whose circumstances drove him to write it, but the result is a work of art – a heartbreaking, mind bending, soul warping work of the heart.

Review originally published to Amazon and Goodreads on November 8, 2013

Cover art from Goodreads


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