Beauty Touched the Beast

Beauty Touched the Beast_SkyeWarren_13335393




This is an erotic short story, very short in that it takes less than 15 minutes to read. It is also the first of four short stories in the Beauty series that deal with events in the relationship of Erin and Blake, a college student and an older man, burned during his military service. Hence the title of “Beauty Touched the Beast.”

While it may be erotica, it is not a story of two characters who have a short, sex-filled one-night stand. These are not two ships passing in the night, so to speak. They have a business relationship of several months standing. Thus the author is able to establish friendship and caring as a prelude to the passion.

So while there is little time or space in this story to have character development, there is ample time and space to establish honor and emotion between the characters.

There are a few places where the paragraphs don’t flow naturally from one to the next and there are some punctuation errors that made me have to re-read several passages. Overall, though, the story can be taken as a complete event; there is no cliffhanger.


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