Forget You

Forget You_ParkerBlue_17788643




This entry in the Demon Underground series is a 31-page short story that serves as a prequel to the series. While it was chronologically written between the fourth and fifth books of the series, its action takes place approximately 5 years prior to the opening of the first book.

Since this prequel was offered free and I was just beginning the series, I chose to read it first, rather than in chronological order. After reading it, I believe that choice is going to help me appreciate the character of Shade far more in those first four books than I might have otherwise.

The prequel consists of 3 scenes, covering a time period of approximately one week. In those scenes we are introduced to Shawn, who is only 16 years old, along with his twin sister, Sharra, and their father. And in those few short pages, we witness two of the three events in his life that change Shawn into Shade and forever alter who he is into who he becomes.

Parker Blue has written this short story in a prose that is clear, crisp, dramatic and intense. It brought tears to my eyes and further enforced a tenet that I have always believed: “Because I say so” is NEVER the right answer.

Cover Art from Goodreads


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