Trouble On Reserve

Trouble On Reserve_KimHarrison_16133377




This entry in the Rachel Morgan/Hollows series is a 20-page short story. The two scenes in this story take place an unspecified time after the conclusion of Ever After, the eleventh book in the series.

The author’s blurb lists this item as #10.5 in the series, before Ever After, but I do not agree. The second scene clearly references the kisses shared by Rachel and Trent, which occurred in the very last pages of Ever After. Hence, I would call this #11.5, and I feel it would be better understood if read at that point.

Because the story is so short, almost any discussion of the plot thread would be a spoiler. Suffice it to say that Trent is still at odds with Rachel on how to communicate with her honestly – about her job with him and about their personal situation. However, Rachel has no qualms about calling him on it.

Most of all, Kim Harrison, in 20 short pages, shows us a new aspect of Trent’s business and legal situation. The plotline, while complete in the two scenes, is tense and unhappy. It is basically a teaser setting us up for the next full book in the series.  And the title, to me, does not correlate with the plot thread.

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