Second Grave on the Left

Second Grave on the Left_DaryndaJones_9565045



One week ago, in book time, Reyes Farrow woke from a weeks long coma and disappeared from the state medical facility where he was being held. Now considered an escaped felon, every law enforcement officer in New Mexico is looking for him. And they figure they’ll find him by tailing Charley Davidson. Well, that little gambit is definitely a dead end road, because a squad of demons has already found Reyes and they are slowly torturing him to death. To make matters worse, Reyes’ incorporeal spirit won’t tell Charley where his corporeal body is hidden.

But Reyes is not the only missing person. Mimi Jacobs disappears after several of her former high school friends meet an untimely demise within several days of each other. Charley’s job as PI is to find her. However, someone clearly wants to find her first and sends a team of hired hands to extract from Charley whatever she knows by whatever means necessary.

In this second novel of her Charley Davidson urban fantasy series, Darynda Jones continues Charley’s role as Heaven’s Grim Reaper, helping stranded spirits cross over. Her physically and mentally demanding role as a private investigator is stepped up and Jones begins to delineate a role for Charley as a supernatural counterpoint to the Son of Satan.

All of this is done with sarcastic wit one minute and serious prose the next. The puns, the plays on words, the chapter titles and the tongue-in-cheek are fantastic, but Jones can also shift the mood from light to dark seamlessly. She knows how to write humor, but she also knows how to write confusion and pain, denial and betrayal.

And before this novel is over, Jones will have you questioning whether “doing the right thing” is just another way to describe selfishness. Jones will also have you wondering just how love becomes synonymous with betrayal. And she will have you gritting your teeth when Charley becomes “Isaac” to her father’s “Abraham.”

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