Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon_JRRain_21838931



It has been a little over a month since the conclusion of “Moon River.” Samantha finds herself alone, truly alone. Her kids are away at camp. Sam’s sister is still recovering psychologically from her kidnapping and doesn’t want Sam around too much at this time. Danny is dead and Fang is both physically and emotionally distant, no longer sharing a mind link with Sam.

So Sam decides to summon the bat creature and go for a night flight – to the moon. And for the first time, she is able to communicate with the creature. Then again, it’s the first time she’s tried. As they fly higher, together in mind and body, Sam questions the creature about his life, his plane of existence and his relationship to her.

In a little over 30 pages, J.R. Rain uses Sam and Talos to explore the concept of a soul, its creation and its life force. He also uses their communication to explore the difference between true limitations and perceived limitations. And for Sam, with the power of positive thinking, “Fly Me to the Moon” becomes more than the title of an old song.

Cover Art From Goodreads


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