He’s Her

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Rhett Parks, a Las Vegas casino owner, has just buried his absentee, alcoholic father in a church cemetery located in the English countryside. Still wearing on his face the anger and bitterness generated by memories of his childhood, Rhett sinks down onto a bench across from the church’s vicarage. As both a handsome and rich man, he is used to the attention of beautiful women, but he inwardly groans when he sees a gorgeous young woman steadfastly approaching him.

However, Carrie Temple isn’t heading for Rhett. Instead, she steps to the side and snips a rose from the bush growing behind the bench. Rhett hears her gasp as a thorn pricks her finger and then he sees her sway, drop the rose and sit down hard on the bench. Reaching down to pick up the rose, Rhett pricks his own finger on the thorn. And, in the space of a second gasp, Rhett’s body slips, comatose, to the ground, and his spirit watches it all from above – and through the eyes of Carrie Temple.

This is the second entry in the Vicarage Bench series, after “She’s Me.” And I feel, to understand the dynamics of the time travel and space displacement, that entry definitely needs to be read first.

Mimi Barbour does a much better job with this second story than she did with the first. She has made this entry longer by about 30 pages, which allows for a bit more detail and fleshing out. And she limits the time span of the plot line to several weeks instead of the several months she tried to cram into the first one.

The character growth of both Rhett and Carrie is solid and believable. Their interactions with others are consistent to the characterizations drawn. And the romance is both palpable and erotic. But it is the epilogue that will make this entry stick with you long after you have moved on to your next read.

Cover Art From Goodreads


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